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Alumni Committee Members

Alumni Club is constituted with the following faculty members for the academic year 2019-2020.

S.No Name of the Committee Member Department Role
1 P. Srikanth EEE Coordinator
2 Ch. Divya CSE Member
3 D. Rupa Kumar ECE Member
4 P. Srikanth EEE Member
5 B. Sailesh ME Member
6 B. Vamshi Priya CE Member
7 K. Dhanunjaya Rao HS Member
  • Maintain the database of all alumni students
  • Maintain the data pertaining to distinguished alumni
  • Develop a face book page for alumni
  • Collect information about the current employer or details of higher studies
  • Register alumni under societies act
  • Organise alumni meets and motivate alumni to contribute to the present students financially or non-financially(like sponsoring books, sports uniforms, infra etc)